Tall, Very Slender
Fashion Model & Fantasy Fulfiller

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Hello I'm Zara, a fashion model, DJ and sensual therapist with extensive knowledge and training in FBSM and Tantra Ceremony.

As a master of the sensual arts, letís dive into a world of captivating pleasure with one another. Through the delicate art of touch, I invite you to surrender to the waves of bliss and connection. In the sanctuary of our shared exploration, sensual touch becomes a gateway to transcendence, where the boundaries between dominance and surrender blur, creating an intimate symphony of heightened sensations and profound connection. My approach transcends boundaries, merging sensuality and dominance into a symphony of exhilaration. Join me on a journey where submission meets liberation, and fantasies transform into unforgettable realities.

For rates and more info about myself and the services I offer, please text me and let me know which one of my services you are most interested in. Please include both your name, selfie or brief description of yourself. And let me know when you would like to come in.

Looking forward to unlocking ultimate pleasure together.


Mistress Zara
(213) 778-8164
Location: Hollywood