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Addictive Elite Companion for your Quintessential Rendezvous.

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Melanie offers refined escorting with the confidence and grace of maturity,
ensuring your Quintessential Rendezvous.


Thank you for considering the refreshing allure of maturity; a compelling choice
for camaraderie in the form of a timeless classic beauty with unparalleled sensibilities.

In offering a description of my lovely self, you will find a calm, giving nature and with the right chemistry a very lighthearted, playful partner. This coupled with my keen intuitive abilities ensure that you are always met on the truest level, allowing for the “Respite of Respites” to occur...

Please feel confident that with a corporate background as a territory manager for a pharmaceutical company, you can count on my follow-through, punctuality and physical presence while in a public or private setting. Although certainly, do not mistake these attributes for someone staid or boring.

If you enjoy an evening out with a polished, highly skilled communicator and avid listener, my table-talk interests are diverse:

From Quantum Physics to Politics,
Debating Current World Issues or Delightful Scandal,
Discussing the Philosophical Roots of the Vedas,
Or Learning All About You!


Favorite Loves:

*Living Life Sensuously
includes being a practitioner of the Healing Arts which I love to share with friends while in Tete-A-Tete.

*The thrill of a first meeting, followed by the romance of continuity.

*And for personal passion ~ any mountain and stream, balancing and replenishing while hiking in nature.


Preferences ~ Selectively Seeking:

*The sophisticated gentleman who maneuvers with finesse through initial conversations, understanding the need for verbal discretion and a light screening prior to our first meeting.

*Incoming calls with Unblocked Numbers will receive First Priority. No Text Please.

*If you reach an answering machine, all calls will kindly be returned within twenty-four hours.

*Please leave a voice message that includes your number with best times to return the call, and indicate if it is acceptable to leave a discreet message.

*As the tradition requires within this industry, your generosity at the beginning of time together is appreciated.


If you have read this far, Thank You for your Captured Interest!


HAIR: Strawberry Blonde
EYES: Blue
HT: 5'8”
WT: 135
AGE: 47

*82 (858) 926-8845

Location: San Diego