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Hi guys! Check out my recent pics! I’m currently looking for new friends...

36D, 27, 37. 5’6”136 lbs.

I’m absolutely gorgeous! Sexy as hell, and not the heavy makeup, hair extensions and stockings kind of sexy, but the kind that is completely authentic, straight out of bed sexy without an ounce of arrogance about me either. I’m actually very modest but for the purposes of this ad I have to be forthcoming!

I’m easy to be with and a lot of fun, in so many ways! I love to entertain and if you come to me at my place in Beverly Hills you’ll find it very private and conducive to providing the escape you’re looking for. Once you cross my threshold you’ll know you’ve made the right decision to meet me. I’m always welcoming, warm, and in a good mood. I’m a really nice person, funny, cool, and with a slight spark to my personality.

If time with me sounds interesting, why don’t you reach out and call me? I always prefer an introduction over the phone. I believe we’re both better served by speaking, to find out if we’re compatible. I can read someone’s personality pretty well when I hear his voice, so if I feel the vibe isn’t right then we can wish each other well and move on. For repeat appointments texting is preferred.

Sessions are 1 hour minimum and it’s a full hour of quality time. I always allow for slight tardiness but early is not a good idea. I want to be ready for you!

I don’t believe I’m the perfect girl for everyone, but I’m definitely the perfect girl for some...

M-F 12pm-8pm. No weekends.

(310) 654-0194
(I want to connect so PLEASE CALL! TEXTS IGNORED.)