Healing Sensual Spa Delight

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The Goddess

If you ever wanted to experience what it is like to be with one, I invite you to contact me first by email, then by phone, for your appointment.  Please see my website for all the details.

It is my pleasure to serve you and bring you to the intimate experiences you may require to translate your life into a fulfilling take on life. No matter how hard you work and how many responsibilities you have there is nothing in the way when you are with me. I help facilitate the release of stress and the replacement of deep energies that need to be balanced, healed, repaired, or silenced.

I am conveniently located, and will give you instructions, by way of email.  Once we will be meeting for your treatment, feel free to text or leave a message to reconfirm our appointment. Others who just call will get the same directive; and I thank you in advance for heeding this for me; so that you know you are getting special treatment and not just piling up messages that you and I both know I will not be able to receive or return. This way it is more sacred and special for both you and I!

Let's celebrate this life we all have and visit The Goddess to receive blessings and sacred energies you can take with you immediately upon leaving my space. I have mastered much in the art of forces, magic, instruction, compassion, and massage.  May we meet together in my Suite to give you the treatment you need in this very, very busy life of ours; albiet life changing.


• a real therapeutic/sensual/tantric massage combination
• incall only by appointment
• 10 to 7 with notice is appreciated
• 1 hour sessions/90 minute sessions
•  years of professional experience
Sessions are provided in a clean, private, beautiful space equipped with a massage table, oils and organic lotions.
• Confidentiality Please. No reviews.
• Screening references required for first time clientele.

Robin Rae
(424) 603-7013
Location: Westwood
Parking Info: Easy Safe Parking