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Petite, Sensual, Domina Come Play Your Edges!

Los angeles sensual massage

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Are you a seasoned vet craving something new? Perhaps you’re looking for a new experience in exploring sensual domination for the first time?  Or maybe you simply want to make new connections and relax. Thank you for stopping by, you’ve come to the right place.

Hello, I’m Ms. Rhonda, a petite 4’11”, 100lb, sexy 50’s, intelligent well educated, esoteric sensual massage virtuoso, and pro/lifestyle domina.  Don’t let my demure stature fool you. My pleasure is owning you...with a mischievous smile and playful twinkle in my eye.

I love exploring your edges, from the sensually sweet to the wickedly intense, taking your mind and body on a journey into another realm. Weaving layers of delicate and intense sensations with precision and timing, safely taking you deeper than you have gone before. For me, it’s pure pleasure in liberation. For you… it’s Divine Ecstasy

Come...Play Your Edges

Maybe you simply want to relax with a luxurious sensual bodywork and escape reality for a while. Make new connections and take it easy, being carefree to enjoy the simple pleasure of being pampered in your hectic life.

Perhaps you want to explore something new, just outside your comfort zone, Elysium may be just what you’re looking for with its silky bondage, luscious bodywork, and ultra-slow sensations to whisper your edges to untried peaks.

Intertwines the epitome of luxury bodywork, bondage, sensory deprivation, rhythmic body percussion, sensual flogging, and a delicious menu of skilled sensation play. It’s perfect for the kinky massage enthusiast looking for that special something outside the box. 

Sensual Domina~ 
I am the perfect mixture of sensual and sadistic, always ready to flash a mischievous smile before I take my devotees who truly want to serve on a journey into another realm of the taboo. I have many favorite games I like to play.

I’m well trained and skilled in multiple modalities of massage, Reiki, BDSM, Fetish/Kink, and Domination – Certified Practitioner / Trainer in the Art of Bondassage® / Elysium® by Bondassage®.

Let’s create memories you won’t soon forget.

Please see my website for details.

I also offer Bondassage/Elysium Certification and Bondassage for Couples Coaching

Get in touch with me via phone or website.
No blocked calls or texts please.

Hours: Mon-Fri: 10am - 7pm

Ms. Rhonda
(818) 653-0208
Twitter: Ms.Rhonda@bondassage_la

LOCATION:  My lovely upscale sanctuary is freeway close with refreshing amenities. Valley Village / Studio City / Los Angeles    (Closest Major Cross Streets are Oxnard St / Whitsett Ave.)