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PLEASE NOTE: First time clients please reserve your time at least one day in advance. This helps me prepare for an even greater QUALITY EXPERIENCE together since we are just getting to know each other.

My work is an evolution of swirling energy, adventure, travel and introspection. I've spent 13 years teaching, studying and practicing yoga, massage, meditation and psychology. CPTSD is a complicated affliction many of us experience at some point in adulthood, and left unchecked, unsupported, can create worse damage. Talking about it can also be painful - and while not all pain is useless, there are better ways to reconnect with the child self that was wide eyed and curious, brave and loving. I offer support with early sobriety & dopamine detox as well as teach ways to reconnect and strengthen in the space that opens up.

Language and non-verbal communication are some of My favorite aspects to explore. As humans, we've greatly enhanced our ability to communicate through words, but how often do we misunderstand each other? Ourselves? It is My desire to create a frame - bold or soft, wherein you and I connect and together, draw a portrait of healing and cultivate a more solid and simultaneously serene knowing of what it means to be "us".

Keeping in tune with the seasons, we'll assess what energy is needed to allow the cocoon to soften and for your spring butterflies to emerge and kiss the sky. When was the last time you felt deeply understood? Like someone could see, hold and love the you that exists in depths that most cannot reach? When was the last time you felt truly confident and free from within? When did you last evaluate your grooves and habits, or try something new? Who was there to support you? Explore with you? Do you judge the concept of support, or welcome it?

It is My aim to provide that space, and to alchemize what comes up and out. A path you may walk when the world seems too fast, too rigid, too judgmental. There is wisdom in you always, sometimes bubbling beneath the surface, asking you to birth it. You'll find My energy mutable; at times playful and others serious. What does this moment call for? This is our silent, sacred dialogue. While exploring the garden of your mind-body, you'll have Me as a pillar, a signpost. We'll build trust and friendship and you will know true inner strength.

Services: Tantra, Sensual, Japanese, hot/cold stones (Please Contact for Rates).

Please TEXT to make an appointment and be prepared to verify your identity via name and photo.

Incall Location: East Hollywood, Little Armenia
Outcall: I will come to you (LA locals) for an added fee.

(646) 926-0050
(Text ONLY Please!)
Location: Los Angeles (Cross Streets: Santa Monica Blvd + Ardmore)