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TM Model Release and Advertising Contract

PLEASE NOTE: If you are able/interested in offering VIDEO/SKYPE/CHAT Services To Those Seeking Alternative Options, PLEASE LET US KNOW!

“I” do hereby grant TM Media Corp. the irrevocable right to use the given photographs/voice recordings/video/digital media, and submitted information/text/phone numbers and other contact information (hereafter "Content") on the website for the purpose of advertising.

I certify that I am over 18 years old or of the legal age in my area, should this be higher. I certify that I am pictured in and have the legal right of use of all Content given to TM Media Corp. for the purpose of advertising my likeness on the website. I certify that I am in full legal possession of this content and all material provided to TM Media Corp. I further certify that all Content is produced in accordance with all applicable provisions of the Child Protection Restoration and Penalties Enhancement Act and are fully compliant with all requirements of 18 U.S.C.§ 2257 and all other applicable Federal, State and Local laws and regulations. If I am not the individual in the photograph(s) provided to TM Media Corp., I certify that I have full permission from the individual pictured to act as their representative and to request TM Media Corp. to place their likeness on the website for the purpose of advertising their image. I also understand that if the individual pictured wants these photos to be removed, TM Media Corp. has the explicit right to do so. I certify that all the individuals pictured or discussed in Content submitted fully understand that the submitted Content is to be used in relation to adult entertainment advertisement including publishing of the Content on the Internet. I certify that the advertising purchased is not to be used for promotion of any illegal activities. I certify that the identification (IDs) provided with this Model release are true legal documents belonging to and of the individual pictured in the photographs given to TM Media Corp, and I take full legal and criminal responsibility for this statement. I also understand that in case fraudulent documents were provided, TM Media Corp. upon discovery reserves the right to immediately remove any advertisements, and that no refund will be issued.

I understand all fees paid to TM Media Corp cover the required fees pertaining to the ad creation & ad placement on Website only. If for any reason, I decide to discontinue my “Ad Run” on, I understand I must submit my cancellation request in writing and that all “frequency discounts” I may have earned will be prorated to reflect the actual time period my ad ran. I also understand all payments are final once my ad run begins, and, all ad cancellations, for any reason, will be entitled to “Time” credit ONLY!

Advertising Info:

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  PLEASE NOTE: TO Advertise in our Therapeutic Massage Section You Must Have A Current Massage License/Certificate!
Type of Ad: Standard (Text only Directory Box with 1 photo inside ad)
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  Rotating Thumb (2 different rotating photos on directory, 3 photos inside ad.
      $25 add’l charge applied)
Time Contracted:
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(Call for availability and rates. These ads appear in the top 2-3 rows of certain categories.)
Full Contracted Ad Rate:

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* Full Legal Name:
Birthday (mm/dd/yyyy):
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* City:
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* Phone: (All Advertisers must provide an alternative contact number in addition to the one being used in the advertisement).

Ad Content:
Category/Headline Text:
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Text Body:
  Helpful Tip: Visitors to our website will have the option to search for words that appear in your text. When writing your text, consider including additional and different words that might describe the same thing. (i.e. Skinny and/or thin for slender, statuesque for tall, strawberry blonde hair for red hair, etc.). We have included a check list for you to fill out (below) which lists the most commonly used words to describe a service provider's looks, service, etc. However, keep in mind, a visitor to our website may choose to search for the word "statuesque" instead of "tall", or "thick" instead of "BBW", etc. Include words, being as specific as possible, that describe you and the service you have to offer - keeping in mind, for what visitors might choose to search. Keep it simple and to the point without being too repetitive.
If you would like to be included in a "search results" requested by visitors to our website, the following information will help bring your advertisement to the attention of those searching for what you have to offer.
Incall location: City   Zip Code
Closest Major Cross Streets to your incall location
Please note this does not have to be specific. It is designed to help our visitors search for advertisers who are most conveniently located to their needs.
For instance: robertson/santa monica blvds.
Hair Color:
HEIGHT (in bare feet):
Body Type: Choose 2-4 descriptions below. Athletic/Toned/Fit (None to very little body fat)
  Average Build
  Slender/Thin (Thinner than average)
  Curvy (This category includes both those who may be carrying a little extra weight, and, those of average body weight who’s proportions might suggest slightly larger curves then would be found on an average or hour-glass shape. Possibly thicker in the thigh, hip or derriere but still might possess a small waist)
  Leggy (Having disproportionately long, slender legs for ones body type. May also include those who might be described as having long, shapely, well toned “dancer’s legs”)
  Busty (D-Cup or larger)
  BBW (Rubenesque) (Large and Lovely!)
  Voluptuous (Emphasis is on waist to chest ratio; possessing large breasts and a small waist. Considered as having an "Hour-glass" figure. Hips and Chest are basically proportionate)
Service Type: Choose 1-3 descriptions below. *Please note: If choosing “therapeutic” from the selections below, your advertisement must “NOT” include any reference to sensual services and must appear in the Therapeutic Section of our website ONLY!
  Massage Only
  Escort Only
Ethnicity: Caucasian
  African American
Contact Info:
For SMS Text Messaging, please provide cell phone number and carrier name(ie: att, verizon, sprint).
Cell Phone:
Carrier (ie: att, verizon, sprint)

Attach Documents: (Please limit individual file size to 500 kb or less. We WILL NOT accept photos that have ALREADY been blurred or cropped for privacy; we will blur or crop for you (free of charge) upon request.)

Photo 1:
Photo 2:
Photo 3:
Photo 4:
* Verification Photo:

A Current Full Length Verification Photo:
(All Advertisers must provide a full-length snapshot to verify. See below for acceptable/unacceptable Verification Photos.)
All Advertisers must provide a full-length snapshot of themselves to help verify the authenticity of their advertising photos. TM will NEVER use your verification photo publically. It is for verification purposes only! If you are not planning on showing your entire body in your ad, than a verification photo showing only the parts of your body you wish to show will be required. Please keep in mind, even if you are not planning on showing your face in your advertisement, your verification photo MUST INCLUDE a clear shot of your face. We must be able to match the face on your I.D to the face on your verification photo. Please Note: Your verification photos DO NOT have to be an “Exact Match” to the photos you choose to place in your ad. We understand individual’s weight and general appearance can change often. It is commonly believed that your ad photos are created to help you look your best. Professional hair, makeup, camera angles, and lighting are often used to enhance your looks and can sometimes make you look like a different person. We are just looking for a “fair and reasonable” representation of what you look like to help maintain the integrity of our website. For those of you who are not comfortable with providing us with a verification photo, you are always welcome to come down to our LA offices and meet with us in person.

   The following forms of verification will help insure the fastest results in getting your ad posted on our website:

  1. A NON-PROFESSIONAL photo (snapshot). Preferably with a date stamp on it.
    (We are looking for photos which would never appear in an adult advertisement. They can be personal photos of you with friends, family, etc.)
  2. A cell phone image (or snapshot) of yourself holding a piece of paper with the words Thatmall printed on it.
  3. A cell phone image (or snapshot) of you holding a newspaper with its date clearly visible.

(When opting for either #2 or #3 above, please keep in mind your face and/or body must be clearly visible).

   The following forms of verification CANNOT BE USED as a verification photo:

  1. Photos which include retouching or Photoshop
  2. Photos without a face
  3. Photos which include blurred or hidden faces

* Drivers License/ID:


By clicking the send button below,

I certify that I have read the foregoing and fully agree to and understand the meaning and effect thereof, and have entered this advertising agreement of my own free will, and not under influence of any drugs or alcohol or duress or pretenses of purpose other than stated in this agreement. By clicking the send button below I fully understand it is considered as effective and valid as my original signature.


All Ad Submissions MUST INCLUDE the following to be processed:


Photos of Your Credit Card (Front & Back)

Ad Photo Verification Images

Faces on Advertising Photos Must "NOT" be Cropped or Blurred out.
WE CAN CROP or BLUR them for you if requested, ONCE VERIFIED.

All Submissions that DO NOT INCLUDE the above items will not be responded to.