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Los angeles sensual massage

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Hello gals and gents! My name is Keira and I have something very special to offer - a wonderful place to relax. Ahhh, somewhere to spend some quality time with a charming, sexy, and non-judgmental woman. A little peaceful interlude with much needed tension relief. Leave the phone, the problems and craziness in life and spend some time away from it all, right here in Beverly HillsÖ

STATS: 5í6Ē 145lbs. Curvy brunette
HOURS: Mon - 4-8, Tues/Wed/Thurs - 1-8, Fri - 1-6 (no weekends, phone off)
LOCATION: BEVERLY HILLS (Burton Way and Doheny)

Iím humble but need to convey some facts! Iím very attractive, inside and out, and really sexy. Youíll feel it. I have a warm and fun personality, and at times a little off-beat, lol! I do all the right things to stay looking and feeling great, so my attitude is self-assured and positive, and a true pleasure to be around. I try to offer what I would be looking for in a situation. I would say that privacy and discretion are at the top of the list, safety of course. Beverly Hills is a great location, but itís great only if it works for you. Easy parking too! Iím upscale and classy, Iím solid. Being a spontaneous human, I understand that when the mood and opportunity strike, itís an incredible asset to have a number to call. I get it guys, and Iím cool! Same day bookings only, last minute sometimes works with repeat clientele.

I can accommodate various tastes, but for initial meeting I commit to fbsm only. Maybe you like a little cocktail time with light conversation and some laughs during our session. Perhaps you need a little extra pampering or nap time to really unwind. Who knows? Iím offering something quite unique and special and understand that everyone is different, and I really enjoy the journey figuring out what works.

The atmosphere is intentionally kept very low-key and casual, an informal setting, yet sultry and chill vibes. I donít allow the outside stress to come inside. A ďswitchĒ is turned when you cross the threshold, and youíll find yourself unwinding within minutes. The hard part is facing the world again, but that task is up to you!

My rates are at a premium, so expect some sticker shock when you call. If I donít answer Iím probably in session. References are required, I wish I didnít have to but I do. Itís a little time consuming, but once you clear itís super easy and quick to book!

I will always respect your privacy and ask that you respect mine. Be professional. Please call for bookings only, no phone games either. First timers please call for inquiries, and my warm and friendly personality will shine. I want to hear your voice to feel a connection, or not. Iím particular. Just be nice, and hopefully one of the good ones. Once we establish a friendship, bookings are made by text. Many people for some reason drag out the booking process, which is not acceptable, so I require a high level of text efficiency. I like one text to book: NAME, TIME PREFERENCE, LENGTH OF VISIT. I will respond promptly.

We could have a lot of fun together, so f youíre ready to hit the PAUSE button, call me. Iím here to help, and I am exceptional!


Location: Beverly Hills (Burton Way and Doheny)