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Find What You Are Looking For On Thatmall.com
by using helpful “search features” on our website, in 2 different ways:
  • Standard Search (Located on our Main Category pages): Search for words appearing in an advertiser's bio/ad text (i.e., height, hair color, service type, location)
  • Advance Search (Located Below): Search for descriptive words that an advertiser might be categorized under (i.e., body type, service type, hair color, height, etc.).
  • Location Search: (Coming Soon!)

People often use different words to describe the same thing, just as the same word may mean different things to different people. As a result, all of our advertisers are asked, when placing advertisements on our website, to select from a list of descriptive words (and guidelines) that might more accurately, describe themselves and the services they have to offer.

Below, is the selection of words/descriptions from which our advertisers are asked to choose. Try searching for any of the following descriptions, as possible guidelines, to help you find more specifically what you are seeking. Please note, not all of our advertisers have provided us with the information we need to have included them in this process. For best results, we suggest also searching through our main category directories where all of our current advertisers are listed.

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Suggested “Search Criteria”:
  Hair Color: Blonde
Black Hair
  HEIGHT (in bare feet):

Tall (5’8” or taller)
Average (5’5” - 5’7”)
Petite (5’4” or shorter)

  Body Type: Athletic/Toned/Fit (None to very little body fat)
  Average Build  
  Slender/Thin (Thinner than average)
  Curvy (This category includes both those who may be carrying a little extra weight, and, those of average body weight who’s proportions might suggest slightly larger curves then would be found on an average or hour-glass shape. Possibly thicker in the thigh, hip or derriere but still might possess a small waist) 
  Leggy (Having disproportionately long, slender legs for ones body type. May also include those who might be described as having long, shapely, well toned “dancer’s legs”)
  Busty (D-Cup or larger)
  BBW (Rubenesque) (Large and Lovely!)
  Voluptuous (Emphasis is on waist to chest ratio; possessing large breasts and a small waist. Considered as having an "Hour-glass" figure. Hips and Chest are basically proportionate)
  Ethnicity: Caucasian
  African American