Chris, CMT
Specializing in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Acupressure (Men/Women)

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Congratulations on taking the time to invest in yourself! Hi, my name is Chris. I am a CMT (Professionally trained in Hawaii) who cares about helping you improve your general health and state of being through touch and the ultimate experience of working with a Pro Massage Therapist who cares about your needs!
I offer an Indulgent Massage Experience and specialize in Swedish, Deep Tissue and Acupressure techniques. I guarantee after I have laid my hands on you, you will feel ultimately nurtured, amazingly relaxed and invigorated to go on to do all the “other” things you love to do so much….ONLY BETTER than ever before! The body NEEDS touch and when you work with someone who knows exactly how and where to touch you in a way that can only improve your health and outlook on life – Everything else falls into place; allowing you to move through your world with increased confidence, ease and clarity. Not to mention the long-term benefits we all know a pro-massage offers when done on a regular basis.
You will find me very professional, laid back, easy to talk to and serious about helping you find the ultimate in positive changes and a stress-free life.

Women/Men/Couples All Welcome.
Table or Chair Massage Available.
To help me provide you with the best and unrushed service, please try to call at least 4 hours prior to meet time…I look forward to working with you!
Chris (818) 271-0249