Variety of Modalities

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Vanessa established Bodywalk By Vanessa in 2004 as an independent massage therapist whose clientele encompasses professional athletes, high profile entertainers, business professionals, and diplomats. She is skilled in trigger point, sports massage, and deep tissue massage. But her specialty is Thai Bodywork, in which she received training from a Master Therapist and graduate of Wat Po Temple, a renowned massage school in Thailand.

Bodywalk"Miracle worker." "Healer." "Therapeutic muse." These are the labels that Vanessa Hsu's clients use to describe her after experiencing an exquisite massage therapy session. She is "an incredibly intuitive person and it reflects in her wonderful techniques," said Daniel Saparzadeh, a loyal client.  What makes Vanessa exceptional is that she tailors her massage therapy to her clients' personal needs. "She doesn't just give a cookie-cutter massage like most therapists," said Dallas King, a director, producer, and former therapist himself. "Vanessa is a true healer and I would recommend her to anyone in need of therapy, relaxation, or just a wonderful attentive massage."


Love and Light,

Vanessa Hsu