Soul Awakening Sensual Healing
with Priestess of Pleasure

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If you are a conscious, powerful, loving being whose soul is craving a deep connection and unconditional love, then I am here to nurture and support you.

As a Reiki practitioner, transformational healer, and sacred sexuality guide, I can help you shed stress, anxiety and fear while opening you up to the energetic flow of bliss and ecstasy. Using my intuition, I will create an experience that is designed to serve your body, mind and soul in the highest so that you leave my space fully relaxed, refreshed and reconnected to your true self.

I am passionate about sacred sensuality and using pleasure as a portal to access otherworldly states. I combine conscious breath, energy work, with intuitive touch for a transformational and unique session. My spiritual approach ensures that this is a sacred and divine experience.

You are welcome to share with me your intentions, dreams and desires so that we can co-create a sacred space honoring your deepest truths.

Please visit my website for more details about my offerings, donation rates, social media, as well as new client screening and deposit requirements.


Please CONTACT me via email or the booking form on my website. Text only if you are willing to screen.
Advanced booking is recommended.
Screening is required for all new clients, no exceptions
Xo - Bella

(818) 452-0851
LOCATION: Private InCall in Venice