WilliamSacred Tantric Massage

For men, woman, and couples. Sensitive, skilled and sensual. Tantra, massage, nurturing mutual touch. Available most any time. Sebastopol, Petaluma, Santa Rosa area of Northern California.

Greetings, I am a Bi-sensual male on the Tantric path. I have dedicated my life to helping others know the joys and depth of experience these sacred teachings have to offer. Tantra is an ancient philosophy/practice which celebrates sensuality/sexuality as a direct path to the sacred. It teaches us to nurture & honor the God/Goddess in every person by helping us balance our masculine and feminine qualities within. Our personal power and ability to surrender to the beauty and depth of our life are all enhanced in this very sacred experience combining our sensual & spiritual selves. I invite you to a relaxing, safe place where we will celebrate the awakening of your sacred self through Tantric nurturing and a loving touch.

My goal is to help you feel more at one with your divine nature by nurturing a more positive experience of your self. Together we will celebrate your uniqueness, your inner and outer beauty, and a deeper more loving relation with life. Your massage may be as sensuous as you would like it to be. With your intentions and desires in mind, I use sensual touch, and other techniques to help facilitate a deeply spiritual, relaxing and loving experience which may or may not include:

  • Sensual foot bath
  • Full body Deep Tissue/Swedish massage
  • AromatherapyAffirmations
  • Body Waving
  • Wave Breathing
  • Chakra BalancingConsultation
  • Guided Visualization/Meditation
  • Communication skills

Please Note: Are 4 Hands Better than 2?
If you are interested in having 2 men (or I can bring a female partner) "Bring The God" out in you - Let me know....It would be my pleasure to accommodate your needs.

Tantric workshops and Couples Coaching are available.

I look forward to helping facilitate an experience dedicated to your greater well-being.




Northern California Location (Travel available)