Intuitive Loving Goddess

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Calling those who wish to fall in love with yourself throughout your healing journey.
I invite you to be swept away in the arms of a strong, loving Goddess.

I have been trained in many different modalities such as Thai, Swedish, Shiatsu, Deep Tissue, Lomi, Lomi and Tantra. I combine many different modalities into my graceful rhythmic flow.

My flow is very intuitive as I connect my consciousness with yours while we dance and breath in unison. My Journey is to connect through unbound self expression and to be a conduit of divine love. I wish to be a guide to those seeking deeper connection and healing love for growth and personal development as well.

I am A CMT with over 900 hours of training in Massage as well as a Certified Yoga Instructor. I have studied Tantra in the Goddess Temples of India and I wish to bring my knowledge and experience to our sessions.

My availability during the week is Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday 10 am - 8 pm.

Rh 10 / 10
Tiana is simply amazingl Cordial, sweet, drop dead gorgeous, and a master masseuse, she embodies all aspects of the perfect session. If you are considering a session with her, do yourself a favor and book it. You will be glad you did.

JO 10 / 10
I had a very tensed week, and was really mentally exhausted. I looked up the temple site ... Tiana caught my eye ... I called and came to see her! Well - what can I say ... A truly gentle, beautiful, loving and sensual experience. Her touch was so warm, that light touch, so sensual so loving, she left me there with a smile on my face feeling totally in heaven! Thank you Tiana! You're truly an angel!

AH 10 / 10
Radiant, Charming, Drop Dead Gorgeous -- Highly Recommended! She has the aura & positive energy to get your day going.

S M 10 / 10
If you haven't experience Tiana, you are missing something in your life. My brain was on fire With her sensual touch and I could feel healed after the massage therapy. I really felt
as if I am in the presence of Goddess. She is the most beautiful woman I have ever been
touched by in my entire life. Tiana you have been awesome and thank you so much for everything.

PX 10 / 10
Upon meeting Tiana, I was undeniably awe struck by how beautiful she was. Her elegance was bathed in a divine glow that could have only been attainable to see through a dream. And to think that such a dreamy, celestial being was actually blessing you with her heavenly caresses. Methodically banishing all your stressful aspects with therapeutic and sensual techniques that are beyond human comprehension. I consider myself extremely fortunate In meeting Tiana Moon, I cannot thank her enough for the unforgettable healing that she bestowed upon me. Will definitely visit this Goddess' temple again ... and again ... and again.

(424) 291-2090

Location: Venice
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