The Bliss of Breathing

In the human body, our breath is a bridge between body, mind and spirit. Breath as it enters the body becomes prana or life force energy. Prana connects all systems in the body and powers the nervous system, internal organs, and muscles.

Like a river, prana carries impulses from the wind of our breath into the muscles and causes movement. When we breathe, we take in life that feeds our spirit from the atmosphere around us.

Life can be simple when we give ourselves the gift of conscious breath, which includes becoming aware of your how you breathe.

How you take an in breath is how you allow life to enter or inspire you, how you let go of your exhale is how you let go and allow life to move through you. Noticing how your breath flows in and out of your being can become a natural meditation.

With awareness, our breath begins naturally to open and slow down. When prana slows steadily, the mind quiets in response.

This is why following the breath in meditation is helpful in quieting the mind.
Giving our attention to the breath as our life force or spiritual connection, brings increased energy into our consciousness and lifts our level of energy vibration to a more blissful state of being.

I invite you to explore the ease, simplicity and power of breathing blissfully and consciously.

Nancy Grace Rosen, M.C.


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