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Love and light,
Goddess Genie


Is it a religion? Is it Kama Sutra sex? Is it a disciplined path of enlightenment? Is it a massage?

The subject of Tantra is fraught with misconceptions and fictional mythology. This workshop is for those who want to cut through the mystique of Tantra and understand the authentic practice of it, thus bringing one into true sexual bliss.

A. What is Tantra?

1. The origins of Tantra
2. A rebel path to enlightenment
3. The role of sex in Tantra

B. Media-ocrity

1. Misconceptions about Tantra fueled by the media and Internet
2. Tantra and massage

C. Is sex in the genitals?

1. Why is sex limited to the genitals?
2. Moving sexual energy through the body for higher arousal
3. Expanding genital orgasm to whole body orgasm

D. What is an orgasm?

1. Full body Orgasm
2. How to control premature ejaculation
3. The multi-orgasmic man

E. Why is Tantra important for general health?

1. Overall body energy, health and longevity
2. Benefits of deep relaxation
3. Emotional well being
4. How to stay off of meds for PE and have full lasting erections

F. Discovering True Sexuality

1. Sexual fulfillment, not performance anxiety
2. Moving from the social sexual pressures

The fee is 40.00 payable at the door. I will need your full name, contact info and reason for attending.

Genie is a Tantric healer, Taoist healer, and very well schooled in the energy and healing arts.

As Goddess I am fluent in Tantra, Tantric touch, Taoist yoga, Taoist Sexuality, Qigong, Kundalini yoga, Emotional healing work, and many other healing arts that strengthen the sexual and emotional balance.

I have a private practice on the Westside, in my spacious garden temple. I work with men, women and couples. I am available for lectures around the USA and Europe.

I also offer combined sessions using my unique healing techniques to help you with whatever you may want to work on combined with using your sexual energy in a loving and healing way. When the two are combined a powerful change takes place in mind, body and spirit!

Some of what my future classes will include:
1) Couples: How to make love for a lifetime
2) Singles: how to attract your soul mate
3) How to really pleasure a woman
4) Your spirit and your well being
5) Tantra and the spiritually minded
6) Tantra and the stressed businessman

E-mail Genie if you are interested in any of my workshops at:

"Sexual energy is fire energy; you can use it to cook a wonderful meal, or burn or down a house." MC


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