Activation of the Nectar of Immortality

What is the highest order covenant our species has within nature? Is it a promise?
This promise inspires many questions which this treatise seeks to answer: such as, what is the sacred contract of the Homo sapiens? Are we as a species destined to be Enlightened? Can we apply mindfulness skills to evolve our physiology? How does our health care system need to transform to support the maturation of our species? How do we foster Enlightened Society? What are the internal dynamics of this process of evolution: vegetarian, fruitarian, breatharian? Can we thrive without eating food? Yes, any organic material! Can we, as a species apply ourselves to evolve to become Breatharian, to live on light and oxygen? Are Homo sapiens destined to be, or not to be an immortal species? What cultural changes do we need to make to support the conscious evolution of our species? What forces govern this planetary process?
Who is profiteering from quashing the growth of our species? As a species, can we enter the arena of this process with grace and skill?

As one stabilizes into Nirvikalpa Samadhi and activates the secreting organs of the brain, the brain itself begins to produce a most refined cocktail of chemicals. The organs of the brain, literally emit a phenomenon of dripping chemicals, which feels just like post-nasal drip. Cocaine explorers will know this as the “after taste” phenomenon. The sacred herbs are meant to open the window to higher consciousness. Cocaine users can step up with true guidance to activate the next level of human development. Easing past the addiction cycle to activate the immortal jing cycle is the true path for those brave enough to invest in practicing the disciplines. If they choose to, spiritual life is a life of discipline.

The chemical production of this highly refined fluid has been historically labeled: The Nectar of Immortality, Amrita or Ambrosia of the Gods. This stage of human development can chemically induce phenomena from seeing psychedelic scenes, to experiencing times of hallucinations to many other phenomena. (Please refer to my blog:

In my experience, from an energetic perspective: depression is too little chi circulating in the system, manic depression is too much chi not being properly circulated and schizophrenia is the lack of mindfulness skills to know how to presence heightened states and the lack of circulation skills. For the most part, western practitioners are unskilled in aiding individuals to navigate the highest states of human evolution to be able to achieve this most refined stage of human development. The marketing of fear and false chemical additives are short circuiting authentic development. Earning the learning from someone who has climbed up through the obscurations is an invaluable aid as well.

One must master the mindfulness skills to be able to step through these states and stabilize the next highest stage of human development. Learning how to mature the drip into a constant downward flowing river of nurturing chemicals is the skill set one learns to master. Moving from a vegetarian lifestyle into a fruitarian and ultimately BREATHARIAN lifestyle is the endgame.

As a result of my mindfulness practice of Ascension, as taught by the Ishayas, I know that my level of consciousness has evolved, but most importantly I can feel my body changing, transforming, and evolving at a biological level!!! Once the nectar begins to drip down the back of the throat, added advanced cultivation practices aids to purify the Anandamaya Kosha, the digestive processes purifies and heals the organs which in turn flowers the pulmonary system. By further purifying one’s eating practices, engaging in fasting and cleansing regimens one matures from vegetarian to fruitarian then watarian, finally arriving at breatharian status. The whole body-mind purifies and transforms to be able to extract chi and oxygen from the surround. Ultimately, purification of the Annamaya Kosha serves to purify the Anandamaya Kosha.

Evolving the digestion processes to relying on the Nectar of Immortality involves extensive let go practices. The Agni/fire of the development pushes one to only ingest liquids and fruit, a very Sattvic diet. Solid foods continue to add too much heat to the system; it takes energy to digest fiber and roughage. Liquids offer an easier digestible matrix with less added heat to gain nutrition. Ultimately, the nectar itself becomes the source of nutrition as the body learns to extract chi from the surround. The nectar itself is a very Yang essence; in that once it begins to be produced by the mature brain and crown chakra, it in itself will add heat to the system. That is the reasoning of why it is beneficial to only eat fruit. Fruit is cooling and Yin, which aids to balance the incredible heating within the system that the nectar produces. The heating at times may feel like a bad case of constant heart burn. As one begins to develop this stage of physiological development, it is time to switch to a more fruitarian diet. More liquids, soups and cooling yin foods balance the extraordinary heat produced by the Nectar of Immortality. Then the added cooling will again step up the added heating and off to the races you go. One learns to forever work to achieve just a bit more heating to be able to cool by ingesting an apple a day, then a few sips of lemonade and other nutritious fruity drinks, eventually only drinking small libations. This nectar process of evolution encompasses the path of vegetarian, fruitarian, watarian, and ultimately Breatharian.

In email conversations with my guru, Swami Suryendu Puri from Shabad Surat Sangam Ashram, he outlined the alchemical process as being based on two basic forces Fire and Nectar, as the fire increases in the body it cleanses and purifies it all and also aggravates the secretion of nectar and then the nectar nourishes the body and re-strengthens it. Gradually the body becomes able to digest fire too (AND IS A MAJOR JUMP IN INTERNAL HEAT and added practices to maintain productivity) and the body gains strength directly from the fire and combined with the nectar induces the transformation process in the body. Further on the path, the body gets freed from the dependencies of food-drink, sleep-rest etc. But unless this state is achieved, one may have to be very careful of these things. (YES Sir, very, very, very careful). For instance, in - Dec 2013 - while participating in a Brazilian dance class I had to stop a couple of times to rinse my nose. Crystals form when I exercise too much. It really causes an incredible burning sensation in my nose and is very unpleasant. I have to stop to rinse my nose, forced neti pot practices to keep my nose from burning up. Who would have thought one needed neti pot practices to stop the crystals that naturally form from too much exercise. OM go slow, becomes the mantra of manifestation. And, sometimes the fluid draining down my throat will pour down, causing me to choke. It becomes a game of physical and mental management in every activity and food substance ingested.

Swami Suryendu Puri has been living without food since 2005. He occasionally takes any food just to please some of his close devotees but only once in a blue moon. His regular diet is merely a glass of water and that not daily. Still he is able to maintain a very healthy and robust body. For it is the muscles, that hold the chi and hours of YOGA builds a strong and supple body. There is a gradual progress towards this state, first we stop taking solid food and live by liquids and gradually cut short on that too. BUT remember, in this whole process our body and mind should not lose the energy at all. In fact, it has been my experience the energy/chi grows with each successive progression it just purifies and offers challenges in what realm to work in and how the expenditure of that added energy is utilized.

This nectar of immortality process can be jump started by activating the kundalini. Trained male kundalini masters may activate the kundalini by opening the seventh seal of the crown chakra.

In my knowing, this can be a very challenging path to awakening. The chi from a man is Yang in nature and the opening can cause one to drift into the cosmic ocean ill prepared for upcoming storms. In contrast, the activation from a female master is Yin, cool by nature. When the muladhara chakra, the root chakra is opened and activated it becomes a bottom up process.

Also, when it is integrated with the sexual response it becomes a very pleasurable, some would say ECSTATIC response. Added cultivation, circulation and breath practices also aid the process to become a smooth evolutionary unfoldment. This Kundalini Siddha teaches you the knowledge to enter into your solar boat, with oars and a compass to ride the cosmic waves of evolution.

Are you ready for an adventure? Are you ready to activate your Immortal Jing Cycle?
How many of US will it take to create the tipping point for our species to actually become
an Immortal Species?

Are you ready to join in creating the next wave of human evolution?
Call to schedule you Kundalini Activation Ceremony. If you are really adventurous, invest in an advanced coaching program to jump start your learning.

Excerpt from forthcoming book: The Eternal Life Project: The Art of Subration. How mastery of the Art of Subration activates Physiological and Cultural Evolution to usher in the Golden Age.

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