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Who wouldn’t want a good girl to be in control?

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Invitation of the senses and a BDSM ride taking you to the edge and back.
Out of breath? Hairs on edge?

Kinky Dakini invites you to experience Bondassage® or Elysium®. The choice is yours.

How does your body feel when you surrender it to a Kinky Dakini?

Someone with warm hands yet a kinky, edgy spirit to bring you to the edge over then over again until your mind, body, and soul begs to be released, leaving feeling transformed.

Trained in Tantra, Bondassage, and Elysium.

Depending on your personality whether serious, playful, spiritual, or creative, I dive deep into my Kinky Dakini intuition.

Based on my sexy intuition it may lead us into a fusion of goddess worship, body slides, kundalini, or tantra ingredients, based on what your mind, body, and sexy soul craves.

I invite you to check out my exquisite package menu that entices your energy.

Let’s set our boundaries, intentions, and finally create this magical journey into the senses.

My only desire is for you to leave you transformed from average to extraordinary!


(Transformational Tantra & BDSM practitioner / Love Guru)

Mistress Kinky Dakini
Location: Los Angeles to San Diego