Revealing the One Within!

Through the power of ceremony we gather together in the circle of oneness, opening our hearts to the weaving of love’s tapestry, as it gently transports us into the dimension of the sacred. The Alchemy of Intimacy is a vulnerable, delicate and intuitive dimension of life that transcends the realm of the intellect, providing a quality and depth of intimacy that every human heart is ultimately longing for.

This intensive is for couples and singles who are searching for a deeper quality of life in their relationships and fundamental relating with others, providing a shifting away from the old structure of conditioned relationship to the paradigm of conscious relating and partnering. The alchemy of intimacy is the cultivation of the spiritual dimension of the heart center integrated with the stillness of being. It provides an opportunity for us to invite the essence of divinity into the realm of our humanness, free from the constraint of any technique, discipline or philosophy that is tethered to the illusion of “time.”

As we create a nurturing space for our increasing sensitivity and open our perception to the inner dance of wholeness, we enter the remembrance of “unconditional love” through the way of trust. The overflowing by-product is an unexplainable feeling of blissful joy, silent contentment and the fragrance of peace.

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