Skilled Massage Therapist
and Joyful Goddess Devoted to Your Pleasure

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“That was one of the best massages I’ve ever had, and to top it off pleasurable. You’re intuitive touch got into every knot that was aching in my body, and combined with the teasing and tantra, I just don’t have any words. Truly exceptional experience.” T.H. New York

“Not only are you good enough to be the professional massage therapist for the Olympic runners and one of the sexiest women I’ve ever seen, but you are a true sweetheart. I love your smile and warmth. You truly stand out.” J.K. Los Angeles

Do you desire to melt into the bliss of your deepest self? 
Does connection with the divine feminine of beauty and grace intrigue you?
Are you enticed by the exploration of heart felt sensual magic?

Whatever your intention, please come with an open heart and mind. Be prepared to let go of yourself and disappear into the waves of sensuality, allowing a Goddess to nurture and bless you. I arrive fully, with my big smile, natural joy and true presence.

Hello unique and beautiful souls, I deeply enjoy the art of pleasure massage. I am a very experienced therapeutic CMT certified massage therapist, so I offer a complete experience, which includes deep tissue, Thai and lomi lomi depending on what is desired.  I have had a successful therapeutic massage practice over the past ten years based in Los Angeles and England.  Combined with tantra and natural sensuality, my massages are exceptional. Muscles are relaxed and tension melts away to prepare the body and mind. Teasing, light touch, eye gazing and connection liven the spirit.

I have studied the art of tantric massage, chakra work, other tantric practices, including abroad in India, the birthplace of Tantra. My sacred sessions may include breathing, visualization and energetic movement if desired.

I offer you my loving touch.  As you surrender into my magical hands and femininity, playful healing and delight are awakened. I remind you that you are amazing and loved. I inspire you to meet your sensual and vulnerable self more fully, that place where your erotic power can flow through your being. You will be held in my compassionate presence, lifted off into the wild cosmos of erotic pleasure.

With honor,

(310) 913-7073

Location: Topanga Canyon & Venice beach