Artisan of Pleasure

I am excited to share my private & peaceful sanctuary with you!
My new space was carefully chosen to help you

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Are any of these statements true for you?
1) Whether you are committed or single you are only getting 'it' once in a while so it tends to be over with quickly.
2) You 'last' less than 15 minutes.
3) You can last but you are still having a 'sneeze' like release and want to learn how to have a full body experience.
4) You are dealing with the increased sensitivity of being uncircumcised.
5) You have an adventurous spirit and just want to try something new.
6) You lack confidence in the bedroom so you¹ve pretty much given up on women.
7) You are not as hard as you were in your 20s.
8) You have tried a male enhancement pill and it didn¹t work that great or you don¹t want to try it but you must do something about this before it gets worse.
9) I do not have any of these problems but really need to relax and get some bodywork with a sensual twist.
10) You like what you see in the photos and want to experience me in person.
If you answered YES to any of these questions then we¹re a good fit.
It only takes one session to make a major shift and put you on the path of sexual mastery. It is my personal promise that after seeing me you will leave feeling transformed in a positive way and this is true whether you get massage or tantra training.
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Location: Calabasas / Agoura Hills