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Teaches How To Have Better Sex

Donald Etkes, Ph.D. (known as "Dr Don") is a UCLA trained sex therapist, licensed marriage and family therapist, author of Loving With Passion and has a Ph.D. in psychology. He has been in private practice for over a decade and is a member of the American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists. He has been interviewed on TV and radio nationwide.

Dr Don would like to help you have a more balanced and fulfilling life. In addition to being a licensed psychotherapist (marriage and family therapist) he is also a life coach, mediator and hypnotherapist. He has over ten years of successful experience in providing expert, caring guidance. You can learn to cope with relationship problems, sexual dysfunction or addiction, stress, low self-esteem, adult ADD, lack of motivation, communication conflicts, self-sabotage, depression and grief.

Dr Don is available for:

1) Counseling individuals and couples in California in his Sherman Oaks or Claremont offices. This consists of:

  • Exploring your personal history.
  • Gaining new understanding about yourself and others.
  • Learning to make better choices for improving your life.
  • Discovering how to feel better.

2) Public speaking engagements ( member of the National Speakers Association ).. for which he can:

  • Customize a special presentation for your organization.
  • Develop a keynote address.
  • Present for one hour to several days depending on your needs.

3) Phone consultation (this is not therapy).

Call him now to find out about the fee and arrange an appointment time (day or night) for you to start feeling better.

Claremont area and worldwide calls. (909) 981-7333
Sherman Oaks and Los Angeles area calls. (818) 990-8917

Dr Don accepts personal checks (drawn on USA banks only) as well as Visa and MasterCard.

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** 7 Ways For You To Have Better Sex **

1) Great sex is a learned art. Actively seek out new ways to please each other's mind and body.

2) Learning how to do full body massage is one of the best ways to interest someone in sex with you.

3) Enhance the mood for sensuality by using scented candles and music to relax each other. Try different locations and times to play together.

4) Don't assume your partner will be turned on by the same exact touches you used with a previous lover. Ask them to show you what really pleases their body.

5) Variety is what keeps sex from becoming boring. Don't get into the rut of doing sex only one way. Experiment with positions, touches, toys, etc.

6) Watch couples in real sex education videos to learn how to make sex better for you.

7) The four steps to "Loving With Passion" are Communication, Respect, Exploration and Fun.

Donald Etkes, Ph.D., MFT: UCLA trained sex therapist and author of "Loving With Passion".

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Call Dr Don to start on the path to feeling better.

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