Raquel Vega...
an Amorous Uninhibited Spirit.

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Hola! My name is Raquel Vega. A poetic soul that happens to be half Spanish and Colombian. It would be my pleasure to whisper sweet nothings in your ear I posses a beauty that is striking and exotic. My hair flows over my shoulders, I have full honey sweet lips, High cheek bones, a petite frame and slender curves that are meant to fulfill desires. My skin is blossom soft and my eyes are brown almond shaped. Although you cannot see my face,
rest assured it is beautiful, with a warm smile to match it... a super classy kinda girl.
Love to travel, and mentally stimulating everything.

Aside from my physical features, I also have great character. Down to earth, bubbly, delicate yet strong, intelligent and very passionate. There’s various aspects of who I am. Perhaps you would like to find out more?! Adding a little spicy passion and inspiration in your life...

Expect to be greeted with the utmost respect and keep in mind I expect the same. I will not tolerate anything less. Good hygiene is a must. I absolutely screen my calls, truly hope you can appreciate the screening process, as it benefits the both of us. The value of privacy, safety and being discreet is of high importance. I like to cultivate a beautiful, upscale and super clean environment, where perhaps you and I can do the dance of romanticism and healing all in one! My private space is an urban oasis. Perfectly lit up and furnished, serene, soft music playing, organic smell in the air... My sessions are profoundly sensual and amorous! Filled with a little wisdom and some erotic flavors... I look forward to getting better acquainted, chatting on the phone before meeting. Feel free to call, or send a message via email. Text is ok as well.

Until we meet! XO

Raquel Vega
(818) 812-0674
Location: Westside Wilshire / LA Brea
Parking Info: Easy Safe Parking