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Therapy, Sensuality and some Aussie Fire

G'day, I'm Marcus!

I'm a friendly, personable, easy going Aussie guy here in New York City providing exceptional massage services to gay, straight and bi-curious men.

I have over 4 years massage experience. I am trained in Swedish, Shiatsu, Reflexology, Deep Tissue and Tantric Massage. I integrate all of these techniques in the massage session for a thoroughly well rounded experience. Sometimes one modality is not enough to alleviate certain stress points. That's why I utilize all the different modalities I have been trained in. Of course I can concentrate on one particular style if that's what you desire mate. I tailor each massage for the individual making it a truly personal experience. Finding the right balance between sensuality and therapy is what I do best. I am here to make you feel better and alleviate ALL your tensions.

I do not judge nor do I discriminate. Each person I come in contact with is treated with respect. All individuals are welcome to my services!

I am here to assist you become comfortable with your body. Think of me as your Body Mechanic. I am here to tune you up! I sit a top whilst performing the massage as they do in Asia. This allows me to have full range of motion and work the muscles much more deeply. I use an organic, plant based glycerin cream to give the massage. There is absolutely nothing synthetic in it. I do not like cheap massage products! I wouldn't let anyone use them on me and I wouldn't use them on you. Your body and happiness are my first priority. Let my strong hands release your stress and bring you to a most pleasurable state. You'll be glad you did! Experience my style of massage. Therapy, Sensuality and some Aussie Fire thrown into the mix.


Do you release my tensions? Yes!
Do you use a table? No, and I explain why on my site.
Do you accept credit cards? Yes, I accept all major credit cards.
60 min 100
75 min 125
90 min 150

I provide my services as Outcalls Only...Thank You! I have always done so. The reason being...I feel a person is more able to thoroughly relax in their own environment whilst surrounded by their own things. With me you always get security and discretion.

I appreciate you taking the time to read my little thingy here and I look forward to making your acquaintance. If you have any questions, please contact me.

Please see my site.

Location: New York