Elite Bondassage Beauty

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Explore a sensual and exquisite experience like no other! 

As one of the few ladies in the LA area who is a certified Bondassage® practitioner, I would love to take you on a playful journey of the senses. 

Bondassage is about surrendering yourself to the amazing stimulation of sensory play, tease and denial combined with delicious sensual massage. 

For some, it is quite meditative. A passageway into erotic transcendence. 

For others, it is a stimulating, spine tingling adventure.
Culminating into full body ecstasy. 

Would you like to go for a ride? 
Call me or visit my website to explore the possibilities… 

(626) 385-7084
Goddess of the Tantric and Sensual Arts 
No blocked calls or texts please. 

Mon-Fri 10am-6pm 
Some weekends are open. Please call for availability.