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Multidimensional ~ Therapeutic Bodywork

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Jade Rose is extremely passionate about awakening one greater to their most powerful energy within...
ones Sexual energy! Our sexual energy is like a portal to accessing our limitless potential. When we are connected and integrated with our sexual energy it can be harnessed to create massive healing and empowerment to break through limiting beliefs, traumatic events and fears while opening us up to our hearts truth, intuition, greater confidence and vitality to name a few!

Intro sessions are available for couples and singles. Thereafter, intentional programs designed specifically for the individual or couple are available moving forward.

Jade also works with Crystal pleasure wands to facilitate ritualistic practices for women to connect with their sexual energy and the earth!

To support the integration of the Sexual Transformational Bodywork, Jade works with Quantum Technologies, supplements and tools to enhance the experience on every level!


Jade Rose