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About Me

Originally from Japan, I am the perfect Asian and Western mix. I was born a deviant little angel and I have been an active lifestyle Domme for over 7 years. My manner is sweet, sensual, nurturing and classy, yet strict, disciplined, mischievous and erotic…the most intoxicating cocktail of contradictions you will ever experience. I love the art of tease - nothing pleases me more than to see the excitement in your eyes while I make you desperate, helpless and embarrassed. With adequate time, I will break you down and build you back up.

For those selected few who may be graced with my presence, I will be the safe place to realize your darkest desires and a momentary escape from the pressures of society, so that you may be your whole self beneath me.

Our Encounter...

When we finally meet and you realize the focus of all your fantasies has stepped off the page and into your reality, you will be consumed by the unquenchable desire to please. Perhaps we are at an exclusive restaurant or lounge… I catch you staring as I bring the glass of champagne to my lips; time stops as we both realize that you've left your own world and entered mine. I scrutinize your every move, making mental notes on your behavior as I deviously scheme what's to come. With the soft rustle of stocking, I cross my legs under the table and the tip of my stiletto brushes your inner thigh.

You can hardly contain your excitement… but we're only on the second course.

And so it begins, the art of the tease, where you are my instrument and I will make you sing a song of sweet longing and desperation.


I encourage inquiry from kink novices. If you've been yearning to dive into the psychological side
of sexuality, or simply want to explore sensation play at another level, I'd be happy to guide you
down the rabbit hole. 

Are you ready to surrender? First you must submit a reservation form on my website,
and your little fantasy can come to life.


Mistress Iris