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Genie, Goddess of Love and Beauty in NYC

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The art of the bedchamber~

The art of living    

Hello, before you read further my sessions are for powerful men who have traveled the world and know that there is much to life that they have yet to encounter. What I can offer you is a walk into a yet unseen world that will enhance your life on every level. Sexual energy is a fire, it can certainly cook a mind-blowing meal, but it can burn down the house. Let us strive for the beautiful meal, not the ashes.

Sexual energy and spiritual energy come from the same source. The creative power of sexuality ignites the fire of passion to fill your body with life and vitality. A relationship that is physically, mentally and spiritually fulfilling is a goal worth pursuing.

Are you looking for a renewed sex life, a renewed life in general? I would love to help you step into this world. I am a gifted healer and a beautiful goddess of love, joy, beauty and the way of ecstasy. Will you join me in this dance!

If so read on……

Are you are tired of the stress at work, a weakening love life, fading orgasms & little time for pleasure? Are you ready to choose a loving, healing and satisfying life of love, joy and memories? If so, let me take you on a magic carpet ride into the world of TANTRA. 

We will leave behind the western philosophy of what scientists call "spasming the muscle," and move into bliss, and full orgasmic pleasure as you learn to dance with your life force energy. This energy will bring you into states of love, joy, peace, power and orgasmic lovemaking. Thus bestowing upon you a fuller understanding and enjoyment of life and all the possibilities that are out there for you.


When improperly directed, the sex impulse can be so strong and compelling that people will risk all they have, including their reputation and freedom, in order to express this drive. When this force is transmuted and directed in a positive way, it can be used as a powerful creative force in any endeavor that is being pursued, whether in the arts, in a career or profession, in a loving relationship, in developing a strong and magnetic personality that is full of joy and health.


TANTRA is the essence of blending your spiritually with your sexuality. It is moving from the box you have been put in since you were a child. It is the path of experiencing your truth. No more will you need to “perform” your life and use your sexuality in a way that is on the lane to dull and without pleasure.

Experience your life and sexuality again! Sexuality is not something you do to someone, it is your life force, it is your soul feeling, breathing and experiencing, it is YOU. You can experience sex and life with true bliss! Becoming multi-orgasmic; this is possible for all men and women!! Your love life and all relationships will take on a new and treasured meaning. You can learn to love freely again, allowing your mind, body and soul to awaken to intimacy, pleasure, commitment, creativity, bliss and above all health. I do not say this lightly, tantra taught correctly will cause the body to readjust to a healthy vibrant state. It will renew your hormones, and raise your testosterone levels along with other important hormones such as HGH! It is the elixir of youth, and if one could bottle this, which they cannot, they would be a billionaire many times over. 


 ~ premature ejaculation

 ~ a weakening of your sexual experience with your partner

 ~ delayed ejaculation

 ~ high stress

 ~ performance anxiety

 ~ communication blocks

 ~ blocked creativity

 ~ poor self image

 ~ shyness

 ~ declining or little sexual desire

In our session I will teach you how to make love in a CONSCIOUS state of SEXUALITY And how to master the 17 power issues we all deal with.

1 ~reclaiming your sexual power

2 ~control ejaculation

3 ~deepen your heart connections and sexual pleasure with your partner

4 ~learning to be in ecstasy for hours

5 ~remove creative blocks, and become powerful in all areas of life

6 ~Men are multi-orgasmic! I will teach you how to achieve this

7 ~relaxed blissful approach to sex and life

8 ~heal physical aliments through the proper understanding of your sexual energy and how to use it for optimum health

9 ~sex as the real fountain of youth

10 ~sex, love and intimacy and life counseling

11 ~use sexual energy to manage stress

12 ~heightened full body sensations

13 ~mind-body awareness

14 ~recognize when someone wants to use sex as a weapon

15 ~removing poverty consciousness in all areas of life

16 ~clearing and opening the seven main energy centers

17 ~learning what the lingam really is


I work with full body orgasms and awareness, relationship healing, chi gong, taoist yoga, zen meditation, breathing, finding your erotic voice, and much more!

*My private sessions take place in my beautiful sanctuary in Manhattan, a scared space full of love. 

My sessions are 2hr, 3 hrs or 4 hrs.

Double goddess run 2 hrs

Couples sessions run 3 to 4 hrs

I am available for public speaking, workshops, phone sessions and travel.

I love to bring this knowledge and art to other cities, if you would like to sponsor me to visit your city for  “art of the bedchamber” sessions please let me know.

I can be reached at

Please view my website at:

Love and Blessings,

Goddess Genie