Genuine Sensual Touch Exclusively for Women!

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Finally, the time has come to offer a sensual awakening experience - exclusively for women!

(men already have countless choices available to them!)

Highly skilled Certified Massage Practitioner, with heart & integrity, is offering a superb fusion of sensual massage modalities from around the world...

Educated at various reputable massage schools my skills are refined by the Art of Tantra Massage (at Tantra Center in Berlin) enriched with elements from Taoist Erotic Massage (as taught by the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality in SF) and informed by my spiritual path and the SkyDancing Tantra practice as created by Margot Anand.

If you ever felt the desire to experience a sensual massage session, which invites you to embark on a blissful journey through your own body - with nothing to do and nothing to worry about - this provides a great opportunity!

•   Experience your sacred sensuality in a safe space free from expectations or pressures -
     no right or wrong, no goals to reach - simply enjoy the bliss

•   Nurture the power of your life force illuminating your entire being and awakening all of your senses bringing your body, mind and spirit into divine alignment

•   Allow yourself to fully receive and refuel your creative energies through a session dedicated to honoring your goddess within

Fully relax and surrender into the warm, caring hands of a fellow human being who has professionally trained 20 years (from martial arts to performing arts to healing arts) to be able to offer this unique session with profound healing potential.