Butterfly Healing Goddess
In The Valley!
Beautiful Touch + Tantric Massage

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I’m a creative ‘free spirit’ passionate about living life fully with joy, gratitude and abundance. A modern goddess, a muse, and a real woman in full bloom.

The art of touch is the best way to let go of stress for your health and happiness!

I have 17+ years of therapeutic massage experience giving beautiful bodywork… with a tantric touch to make your massage deeply satisfying.

You deserve this.

Hot Stones, Esalen, Lomi Lomi, and Tantra are just a few of my massage specialties. I truly love giving massage, and am open to your requests for light or deep pressure, shiatsu (no oil, done with towels) to get those trouble areas (shoulders, low back) and light scalp massage to relax you into a dreamy place.

As a bodywork artist, I enjoy giving you a loving therapeutic combination massage. I have a calming energy and soothing voice. I’ll make you feel welcome like a good friend. Many describe me as a very happy, sweet, intelligent, gentle and lovely lady. We can chat awhile during your session, or allow you to drift into dreamland…

Bodywork is truly a healing art that deserves honoring in a sacred time and space. This is a no-rush, real, and safely intimate way to bring more love and peace into your life!

I’m attracted to genuine and soulful people with a good sense of humor and intelligence. Kind words, kind hearts, and thoughtful actions.

I enjoy yoga, weight training, dance, living a healthy lifestyle, vegan food, juicing, clean living, classical and jazz music, taking spa days, hiking, biking, walking on the beach, kindness, metta meditation, listening to podcasts, and practicing gratitude affirmations.

First time clients MUST speak with me by phone before booking an appointment. This helps to assure that we have you down for the best massage treatment ever.

I require a screening process to make sure we both feel good connecting. Privacy and security are an absolute essential for a good connection and experience.

Your confidentiality is important to me.

To begin, please text/email:
1) Your full name and phone number

2) A link to a professional listing on your company site, article, or social media profile. I understand if you’re seeking privacy and will not use this information in any other way but to verify you, promise!

3) The names, websites, emails of two providers you’ve seen who can vouch for your gentlemanly behavior.

If you don’t have a reference, I’m willing to work with other ways of verifying your good standing.

Be an awesome human and provide your details for our first time appointment.

Last minute? If you’re making that last minute appointment (or cancellation) you may not get priority. Please understand if I cannot book your requested time.

I’m available during the daytime/weekday hours ‪10am-7pm. Some weekends and evenings can be arranged in advance.

Please ask me for rates by phone:

Simple Pleasures: 1 hour oil massage
Take a Vacay: 1+1/2 oil massage + hot stones
Total Heaven: 2+ hours of tantric massage + hot stones

Love + Bliss!

Bodhi Butterfly
(818) 424-7216