I love to please.........My job is all about making you feel good! I'm available for OUTCALL (I travel all over the Los Angeles and surrounding areas) and INCALL (Marina Del Rey). My hours are flexible, usually 10am-10pm weekdays and weekends.

I am a nationally certified and licensed massage therapist, with over 10 years of experience (since 1999), so I can give you a great therapeutic massage in addition to your  (very) sensual massage!

I am also a Certified Personal Trainer, so I can help you in the nutrition/fitness department as well!
I am 5'2”, blonde, blue eyes, pretty, sexy, slender, petite, smart, very friendly and down-to-earth.                       

Here are descriptions of some of the types of massage I do:
Swedish Massage
Swedish massage improves blood and lymphatic circulation, increasing the flow of nutrients to the cells and removing body wastes more efficiently. Swedish massage reduces stress and soreness. It is very relaxing. A moderate amount of oil or lotion is used. Kneading and stroking are the movements most commonly used, either lightly or with very deep pressure.

Deep Tissue Structural Integration
DT structural integration is very similar to Rolfing. It is effective for chronic tensions created by poor posture and/or physical and emotional trauma. The focus is on breaking up adhesions (fascia, or connective tissue, that is stuck together, aka “knots”) allowing tension in the muscles to release. This type of work lengthens muscles and improves posture. Very little lotion is used and the strokes are slow and deep. Deep tissue work includes fist strokes, elbow strokes and acupressure.
Trigger Point Therapy
A trigger point is a small contraction knot in muscle tissue. It keeps a muscle tight and weak. The tension in the muscle pulls on the muscles' attachments, which is often felt in adjacent joints and sends pain to some other site ("referred pain"). The trigger point causing the pain may be in a different spot than where the pain is felt. Trigger point therapy is a type of deep tissue bodywork, primarily acupressure points, that break up these trigger points and relieve pain.

I'm looking forward to meeting you!!!!

Angela Faith
(310) 508-3058