All Natural DD's
Slender frame with a Glamorous face.

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The skinny is that I am an upscale-but-down-to-earth fun and very responsive companion in Los Angeles that is very good at… well, certainly anything we may end up doing...
I also happen to be skinny;)

You can most likely spin me. Skinny with: ALL NATURAL, but unnaturally-full-for-my-slender-frame gorgeous DD breasts. I also come with incredibly soft skin and kissable lips.

I have tons of passions. There’s not much I am not passionate about. I love to cook. Perhaps even for you sometime, my future ongoing lover. My private space will often smell of something savory from the slow cooker. I take pride in my place and pride in my pleasing you.

I love words. I appreciate proper grammar and great communicators, and I am refreshed by people who choose to spell out their sentences as opposed to acronyms, with the exception of a true “lol” sometimes. Please note that some of my grammar has not been correct above, lol!! Ok. I’ll stop.

I love connection, I love expression, I love music, I love oral (brushing my teeth), I love books (the actual paper one’s still and also via audio) intimacy, learning, flirting and eating. I drink up great humor from the dry to the adorkable. I also like to drink. I am well traveled and consider myself blessed for it as well as many other things. Please enjoy some other ways I am blessed while looking at my photos…. It would be selfish of me to be built for men (and some women) not to share those blessings with the very deserving. And along you came.

What else can I tell you about myself? I also have a heart bigger than my boobs, true story! I mean, have you seen them? Oh, yes, by now you have!  I mentioned the humor thing. Besides, how seriously can I take myself in telling you about me when I know you’re reading this literature placed over a picture of my (however very lovely) naked body with no head attached to it in the photo?

In real life, my head is totally attached. Super attached, as a matter of fact (I didn’t mention smart and grounded). Which reminds me, I look forward to you seeing my face. I know you would love to see it here, but discretion is number one. I am willing to say my face may be my strongest physical asset.

I chose those words because one) it’s been said to me “wow, your face may be even more gorgeous than your body” (Thank you!) and two) I get to avoid more pretentious sounding statements in an effort to describe to you that I am universally, classically beautiful while you get to decide how much you love my body and know that I feel confident that you will find my pretty face to be to the same fine caliber.

Please visit my website below for more information.

Alison Littlefield
(424) 386-5065
Location: Nice Westside Location
Parking Info: Easy Parking