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Let's Have Fun With the Greatest, Most Unbelievably Sensuous Sessions Ever!
Hello, I am Alice, Please allow me this opportunity to thank you for looking at my posting and coming to this site. Here I would like to describe myself and my services in detail. I am 38 years old. You will love my European Accent! A somewhat petite person, I have perfect, flawless soft skin, a beautiful face, an hour glass figure. I specialize in Tender, loving, Care! I am extremely caring, and love to show it.
I love gentlemen and I love getting my hands on them. I am patient, loving, gentle, and especially sexy. What do you want in a great body rub? Tell me! One thing I consider important: lots of time -- at least an hour to an hour and a half together. I have a wonderful location that is quiet, clean, private, and safe.

As you are not likely coming to see me for a true therapeutic massage; rather, you are here for a sensuous session of touching, so I will concentrate more on flowing sensations of skin touching.
I provide three separate types of body rubs, all in one session: a flowing, somewhat near-therapeutic session,
a dermal stimulation session (a gentle scratching session of the whole body, which is one of life’s grandest pleasures), and an epidermal stimulation session, designed to stimulate the outer layer of skin. It is unlikely
you have ever felt the extreme pleasure that this type of stimulation provides. My very, very soft fingertips
ever so gently glide across the outer layer of your skin. It feels as gentle as the sensation of a single feather gently moving across your skin. It feels heavenly . I will also tease your butt and the insides of your upper
legs with feathery touches that are extremely pleasurable!

Less noticeable are the subtle things I will do. One is a nonchalant strip tease. When you first meet me, I’ll be dressed regularly to remain discreet. Over the course of time, I will remove these layers one by one! I use two other types of tease during our time together; let's see if you can figure them out!  And even after that, I have more pleasure in store for you - But I have a special treat above and beyond the sensuous touching. It is an exquisite pleasure. Then a bit of a rest, perhaps.

My place is very discreet. Please dress appropriately.
The best way to contact me is to call or text me.