Exquisite Relaxation
~ Quiet
~ Private
~ Easy parking

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With a shower for your convenience :)

Enjoy a caring, intuitive, gentle massage taking one to a depth beyond the physical, giving a profound sense of wellbeing. The touch is fluid, flowing, open-handed with long strokes. The pace is slow as your body responds & opens.

"You are a most exceptional massage therapist with an amazing touch. Your massage session today allowed me to step into a different zone with an increased sense of awareness, completely foreign to me, discovering new sensitivities in my body that I did not know existed. In my very busy schedule, I've become very numb, effectively shielding any sense of personal connection. You're a very delicate person who takes excellent care of her clients and I am very lucky to be blessed by your hands today." Zack

"And once again, I am amazed at how lost I get in your touch. You have a sensative touch. I feel close to you when you are working on me...there seems to be a energy bond of some sort. It is hard to explain." Wes

"I had a profound sense of mental and physical well being after wards." CJ

Hours: Monday ~ Friday    10:30 am ~ 6 pm
Serving the West Side